Here are the new items we picked out for our back patio makeover.

Back Patio Details

When it comes to home renovation projects there are a lot of different scenarios that can cause setbacks, including things out of your control like the weather. If you haven’t heard, it has been raining here in Houston quite a bit. While all this rain has really put a damper on our outdoor projects, we were extremely fortunate that our home was not one of the many that flooded. Another positive aspect of the rain is our grass is getting nice and green and we haven’t had to water yet.

We have been trying to start our back patio makeover this month but all this rain is totally cramping our style. It has inconveniently rained and/or stormed every weekend this past three weekends. We get it, this year the weather was really taking “April showers” literally.

When (or if) it stops raining on the weekends, the first thing we would like to do is repair and stain our drab concrete slab that is getting less attractive by the day.

But for the time being we thought we would share with you the fun and bright colored furniture and decor pieces we picked out for our back patio during our At Home power shopping trip. If you remember from our last post, we managed to get quite a large loot of cool outdoor decor items. At Home is really a one stop shop when it comes to home decor because they have a huge selection, everything color coordinates and the prices will allow you to stay on budget.

Ideally, we would show you what each of these items looks like in the space but since we don’t want the brand new stuff to get waterlogged, we will just go with plan B for now.


Back Patio Details


Rugs make a space feel so much more welcoming and cozy, especially when the area you are trying to make comfortable will sit on a concrete slab. We picked out the turquoise and snow cornwall tributary rug in 8×10 to define our seating area and bring some much needed color and comfort to this corner of our back patio.

Back Patio Details

Pillows & Cushions

Speaking of comfort, nothing makes outdoor seating more relaxing than cushions and lots of pillows! And we needed plenty to fill up our outdoor sectional. Thankfully, At Home’s cushions and pillows didn’t cause us to break the budget.

SHOPPING TIP: Don’t be afraid to do a mock set-up of your seating arrangement or any space you are trying to design at the store so you will not only know the right amount of items to get but also make sure they go well together. At Home has plenty of space to do this.

We initially picked out bright green cushions and then decided on dark tan cushions. Right before we left the store we were trying to decide how many pillows we needed so we set our cushions on one of the wicker sets and added our blue and green pillows. It turns out we did not like how the bright blue and green colors looked against the dark tan cushions so at the last minute we switched to a muted blue/green colored cushion and it looked so much better. I am so glad we took the time to plan that out in the store.

Back Patio Details


We need five chairs to go around our long rectangular outdoor table. It seemed like an impossible task to try and find five chairs and stay within the budget. So when we found these bright blue chairs for only $20 a piece we were like, “jackpot!”. There were others that we really liked the style of but they were triple the price. These chairs are practical, comfortable and are a bright blue color that will tie the dining area to the same color blues in our seating area giving the whole backyard a cohesive feel.

Back Patio Details


Remember how we always have one splurge item in our trip? Well, these lanterns were our splurge item(s). I walked past them several times because they were not on our list but I just kept going back to them over and over again because something about them was calling to me. I kind of have a thing for lanterns to begin with but I think these will be a really nice addition to our outdoor coffee table to add a little extra mood lighting.

Back Patio Details


We don’t have a covered patio so one thing we will definitely need in our backyard is some shade. A large 10ft. offset umbrella seemed to be an easy and affordable ($80) solution to this problem. We might in the future consider building a larger structure for shade but our back yard is not huge, so a large umbrella over our seating area should do the trick for now.

*We haven’t snapped a photo of our umbrella yet because it is still in the box. I am dying to see it assembled but we don’t currently have anywhere to store a 10ft umbrella inside the house.

Some of these items were on our list from the beginning and some of the items we changed our minds and switched colors or styles once we were in the store but we are really happy with all the pieces we were able to get to refresh and bring some much needed life to our back patio. We can’t wait to start decorating the space with these pieces and spend more time outdoors.

Now if you will excuse me I will be humming the rain, rain go away song continuously in my head this week and drooling over HGTV’s Spring House while I patiently wait for my turn to decorate our outdoor space.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of At Home. The opinions and text are all mine.