Pantry Makeover Organization

Pantry Makeover

Check out the before and after of our pantry makeover. We cleaned, organized, and gave our pantry a fresh coat of paint to spruce up the space.

Pantry Makeover

We are in the middle of working on our master closet renovation so naturally I pulled everything out of our pantry to clean it. It’s like I always say, “when in the middle of making a mess, why not make another mess in another room”.

One thing led to another and this weekend we did a pantry makeover. I was determined to make quick work of this project. Since we had a three-day weekend and Brent was home to lend an extra set of hands painting and with the baby, it seemed like the perfect time to knock a pantry transformation out.

Our Pantry Makeover Progress


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Pantry Makeover
The photo above is what the pantry looked like this time last Friday. The pantry has been driving me nutso lately because it was getting out of control. Plus, there was too much stuff on the floor that I couldn’t properly sweep it.

One day I didn’t have my glasses on and saw something on the floor that looked a lot like a certain kind of bug that I despise (a roach) …it was a false alarm, just a rouge almond, but this was my cue to get this baby cleaned up!

Pantry Makeover

First, I pulled everything out of the pantry to clean the floor and shelves. After the mess had spilled out into the kitchen, I looked around and instantly regretted starting this project. Ha.

Why is it once you pull everything out of a space to clean it, you suddenly lose interest and/or get overwhelmed with the undertaking.

Pantry Makeover

Once everything was out of the pantry and it was clean, I thought, “Well I might as well paint it”. Especially after I took a look at the disaster happening on one of the walls. When you first walk in the left wall had all kinds of crazy things happening that needed to be fixed.

There were some huge holes in the drywall and a large random screw sticking out the of wall (a gift from the previous owner). Plus, some weird dried yellow glue that was dripping from one of the holes.

I can’t believe that we have lived here for three years and it still looked like this. Well, if I am being honest, I used that large screw to hang my apron on. Hey, just trying to make lemonade over here.

The original white paint on the shelves was starting to yellow. I also wanted to remove the liner that was already on the shelves because it had become stained and dirty and didn’t wipe clean very well.

Pantry Makeover

During our son’s nap (he helped by taking a rare three hour nap) we both squeezed in the small pantry to paint it. Painting a pantry is already a challenge because there are so many little spaces to get, not a lot of light, and so many lines between the wall and shelves.

Two people trying to paint inside a pantry at one time turns into an interesting game of twister with the loser getting paint dripped in their hair. But we needed to take advantage of nap time and move quickly on the painting process.

We didn’t want to spend any money on paint for this space so for the walls we used a gray (Sherwin-Williams Dovetail) left over from the walls in the nursery and Sherwin-Williams ProClassic® Waterbased Paint in Bright White from our DIY baby clothes rack for the shelves.

Pantry Makeover
Our pantry was just your typical messy pantry. It is no Butler’s pantry but we are lucky enough to have a decent size pantry. Most of the problem is I didn’t think through the best places to store things.

Pantry Makeover

Once the pantry had a fresh coat of paint I thought, “Well I might as well buy all new storage baskets to organize when I put things back.

Michaels was having a sale, 1/2 off their baskets, so we jumped on the opportunity to get matching baskets. I was all like, “Score! Saving money!”. Then we ran into Kroger to get baby food and they had the same baskets (of all places) for two dollars cheaper than that. I was a little deflated but it turns out we needed more anyway so we went back and got those as well. I also found a few more on Amazon.

Pantry Makeover
Mismatched baskets, items not having places to go back to, clutter on the floor, and items getting pushed to the back of the deep shelves and “lost” made our pantry look and feel disorganized and dirty.

Pantry Makeover

It is funny how just reorganizing the spaces and thinking through where items would fit better opened up so much more space in the pantry. By rearranging some space in our kitchen cabinets to store more of our gadgets and consolidating food items into bins, I was able to open up the top shelf and have the floor be completely empty.

Pantry Makeover

I wanted to label what was inside the bins with large custom made stickers. Brent bought me a Silhouette Portrait printer for Christmas a few years ago and I am always looking for the time and projects to play with it so this was the perfect opportunity.

Pantry Makeover

I designed my labels in the software that came with the printer.

Pantry Makeover

I purchased the sticker paper that is for the printer and then let the printer works its magic cutting out the words. They turned out so cute.

The only down side is when I first made these I was thinking I would be using plastic bins but we ended up purchasing fabric totes (because sale!). They do stick for now, but I know they will not last forever so I am going to come back and make more with the heat transfer paper that is more appropriate for fabric.

Pantry Makeover

Once we had all new storage containers I thought, “Well, we might as well go to the store and restock the pantry”. A pantry makeover isn’t complete without restocking it with lots of treats. We refilled all of our OXO Pop Containers Brent bought me for Valentine’s Day several years ago. These are the same kind we labeled with the chalkboard tape.

Our pantry doesn’t usually have this many snacks available and probably won’t again until we have company but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Pantry Makeover
Pantry Makeover

These days baby nap time/bedtime = DIY project time and our baby is not big on sleeping right now so we really felt a sense of accomplishment finishing our pantry makeover project in the same weekend we started it.

Pantry Makeover

I know what you are thinking, “Why not work on the master closet with the three day weekend?” I’m sure Brent was wondering the same thing. But he was sweet and helpful and just went along with my impromptu impulsive pantry makeover plan. We have been using the guest room as a closet for three months now, what’s a few more weeks.


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Organized Pantry Makeover with baskets

Outdoor Themed Nursery Room Tour

Outdoor Themed Nursery : Room Tour

Take a tour of our son’s modern outdoor themed nursery. Complete with a chalkboard wall featuring mountains and black, white, and gray nursery elements. We hope our son enjoys spending as much time in his nursery as we enjoyed designing it.

Outdoor Themed Nursery
It has been a long time coming (almost 6 months) but we are excited to finally reveal our son’s modern outdoor themed nursery. It is the one room in the house that is 100% complete. We are talking floor to ceiling complete. All of the DIY projects we had planned are finished and it came together exactly how we had imagined, maybe even better.

Connor is too little to appreciate his room now, but we hope he grows to love and enjoy this fun space that we transformed just for him.

Outdoor Themed Nursery

Before we began our modern outdoor themed nursery makeover, the room was a blank canvas. I had been using it as my office but once we found out we were expecting a baby, we did some room shuffling and decided this room made the most sense for the time being to be our nursery.

Outdoor Themed Nursery

We had big plans for the room but didn’t get started working on it until the end of July. Luckily, our baby stayed put until a week past his due date so we were able to get everything done, just in time for his arrival.

Outdoor Themed Nursery

When we found out we were having a boy, Brent and I started brainstorming what we wanted his nursery to look like. We both were on the same page about an outdoor themed nursery but didn’t want it to look too “campy” or too rustic so we started planning what a modern outdoor nursery would look like.

We liked the idea of a neutral color scheme with bright teal and orange colors added throughout. For some reason I decided he would like foxes so we incorporated several foxes into the room as well through the wall art and pillows.

Outdoor Themed Nursery
First we made some large changes to the room. We painted the walls gray and replaced the doorknobs. We also pulled up the carpet and installed laminate flooring. The flooring project took a few weeks to complete and turned out to be a labor intensive process due to the uneven concrete below the carpet. Thanks goodness I was pregnant and had a good excuse to get out of that one!

To add privacy to the room Brent put decorative window film on the glass panes in the doors.

After our son was born, we quickly learned middle of the night diaper changes are a bit difficult in the dark. To solve this issue we added a huge light bulb over the changing table. It is perfect because it is just bright enough to see what you are doing without blinding you when you are half asleep at 2:00 in the morning. Plus, it is a crazy giant light bulb which makes it a fun addition to the room.

Outdoor Themed Nursery
The room was dark because we replaced the old light fixture in the room with a two-blade ceiling fan. We chose this particular ceiling fan because it resembled a plane propeller.

Outdoor Themed Nursery
I feel like our biggest challenge was making sure we were keeping a cohesive look throughout the whole room. With each DIY project we started and each new decorative piece we added to the outdoor themed nursery, we spent a lot of time beforehand planning and probably over analyzing.

Outdoor Themed Nursery
We wanted to make sure all the elements fit the aesthetic we were going for, matched the other pieces in the room but weren’t too “matchy-matchy”. Like I said, we probably totally over analyzed our kid’s room but we love the end result. It turned out looking clean but still fun and whimsical.


Chalkboard Wall

Outdoor Themed Nursery
We love a good focal wall so we decided for our outdoor themed nursery we would try a chalkboard art wall. My dad was kind enough to lend his time and talent to paint the wall with chalkboard paint. He is really good at painting lines freehand and the thought of trying to paint the lines that separated the gray wall and black wall scared me! Then, Brent being the crazy talented artist that he is, drew the mountains and landscape scene in chalk.

We aren’t too worried about it being rubbed off or messed up eventually. We liked the idea of chalk because we can always come back and change what is on the wall later. We will be sharing more about this project here on the blog soon.

Nursery Camera Mobile

Outdoor Themed Nursery
For this simple DIY project, we killed two birds with one stone. We made a playful mobile using a wood slice and felt pieces and hid our nursery camera in the wood slice so we can watch our son sleeping but don’t have a bulky camera out in the open.

See how we made our nursery camera mobile.

Rocking Chair

Outdoor Themed Nursery
We could not find a rocking chair in the style and color we liked that was in our price range. Nursery rocking chairs are expensive. To solve this dilemma, we purchased a normal chair in the color and style we liked and Brent removed the old legs. Then he built and attached his own rocking base. It turned out awesome.

See how we made our rocking chair base.

Log Side Table

Outdoor Themed Nursery
Our log side table was another “we can’t afford to buy one so we will make one ourselves” project. We found a stump for free and for only $16 and calloused hands, we were able to make our own stump side table that was just the right height to match our rocking chair.

See how we made our log side table.

Baby Changing Table

Outdoor Themed Nursery
The baby changing table was a big DIY project but it was worth it to us to have complete control over the design and functionality of this important piece of furniture. Brent designed this beautiful piece to match our crib but have an old printmakers cabinet vibe as well.

We added labels to give the appearance that camping gear is being stored in the drawers to match with the outdoor themed nursery but the truth is those drawers are fake! They are actually doors hiding all of the diaper changing necessities including a diaper pail.

The changing table is the project in the room that is currently getting the most use for sure.

See how we built our changing table.

Nursery Wall Storage

Outdoor Themed Nursery
When you have a newborn it feels like you need to have at least eight arms to successfully do everything you need to do. To make things easier during diaper changing time we created this simple wall storage solution. We attached a dowel rod to the wall using leather straps and hung baskets filled with diapers, wipes and burp cloths so there is very little effort needed to grab the essentials.

See how we made our nursery wall storage.

Baby Clothes Rack

Outdoor Themed Nursery
The room we are using for the nursery is actually a bonus room so it does not have a closet. We were faced with the challenge of where and how to store baby clothes. We didn’t want a bulky piece of furniture so we opted not to use a dresser and instead made use of an empty wall by building a vertical baby clothes rack.

See how we built our baby clothes rack.


Outdoor Themed Nursery
These super easy to build bookshelves were the perfect afternoon DIY project. We built them so they would be the exact length to fit on the angled wall and we could store and display all of Connor’s book next to his reading nook.

See how we built our bookshelves.

Reading Nook Tent

Outdoor Themed Nursery
The reading nook tent was the last project we built for the room. We wanted to include a playful piece that could be a cozy place for Connor to curl up and read once he gets older. What is an outdoor themed nursery without a tent? For now we use it as a seat to watch him while he plays on his play mat. We added a few vintage and whimsical decor pieces on the shelf to complete the look.

See how we built our reading nook tent.



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The room may look unconventional as far as nurseries go, but we love how our son’s modern outdoor themed nursery turned out. It is fun, clean and cozy and a room we think he can really grow into. We hope to spend a lot of time in this space reading and playing together.

I love turning on the twinkle lights and the little lantern at night when the house is quite and rocking him to sleep. It feels dreamy in this room, like we are transported to another land that is just our own, far out in the middle of nowhere.


Outdoor Themed Nursery


Home Office Makeover

Take a tour of our home office makeover.

Home Office Makeover

For the past three months now we have been working on moving our home office out of one room and into another all the while giving it a total revamp to fit with our industrial/vintage style. You can take a look back at our plans for our home office that we posted in March.

It is not a large room but some of the DIY projects we were working on for this space turned out to be large in scale (I’m looking at you cabinets) so it took us awhile to finish all the projects and get it exactly how we wanted it.

It has been a long time coming so today I am excited to finally be able to share our completed home office makeover and take you on a little tour of our newly refreshed and organized office. Since the room is a little small, we thought a video tour might make a little more sense so be sure to check that out below.

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Home Office Makeover Tour

In this video I will take you on a tour of our newly made over home office! For our home office we continued with the rustic/industrial/vintage vibe we have going throughout the rest of the house. I also share a few tips and storage solutions for keeping a home office organized.

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Home Office Makeover
Above is what the room looked like before. Well, way before. It is the front room in our home, probably intended to be the formal living room. We have used it to store Brent’s musical equipment and more recently our work table.

Home Office Makeover

Here is what the office looked like in our spare room. We had to move it to make room for a nursery but I was excited for the opportunity to give it a refresh that matched our style and had a cohesive appearance and create more storage space.

Home Office Makeover

My original office desk was the first thing Brent built for me when we got married and while the sentimental side of me was super sad to see it go (thank goodness it found a wonderful new home) we wanted to build one with a new style that has a front piece that hides the cords and storage pieces that are under my desk out of sight when you walk in the door.

We got the inspiration for our new desk from believe it or not a display piece at Restoration Hardware and based on that Brent designed and built this awesome two-level desk that I absolutely love. There is plenty of room for both of our computers and still extra space for me to spread out my calendar and client folders. Jake (the cat) loves to lay on the top level while I work which is nice for me because it keeps him close but out of the way of my keyboard.

Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover

Our first project in the room was to build cabinets on the back wall. Having a home office be the first room guests see when they walk in our door can feel a little intimidating since the office seems to be the place clutter collects the fastest, especially since my office is the room I spend the most time in working on projects. I knew lots of cabinet space for storage was a MUST and Brent really knocked it out of the park building these cabinets and the herringbone countertop.

I love the pattern on the countertop so much that I didn’t want to add too much to the top of it but a few additional key storage pieces such as a two-level tray and a lazy susan hardware bin are helpful to organize the paper and supplies I use on a daily basis.

Home Office Makeover

And let’s not forget about our plant wall. I am really pleased with the wall-mounted plant shelves we built to display artificial plants that bring a little greenery and color to the otherwise neutral room.

Home Office Makeover

I have tons of storage space now to keep everything not only hidden away but organized and all within arm’s reach and a chair spin. I can’t tell you how much having a place to put things back helps me keep a room clean. We didn’t have room for our filing cabinet so we added two large drawers to our cabinets that work well to hold all of our paperwork and make it easy to file it away so it doesn’t stack up on the desk or counter.

Home Office Makeover

I love this rug. The gray color matches the other gray colors in our room so well. Do you know how hard it can be to match grays? I like the fun pattern. The rug also is functional because we are running a power strip cord under it to a plug, which keeps the cord out of sight and we don’t have to worry about tripping over it any cords.


Walls: Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams
Wall Shelves: See DIY Project
Artificial Plants: Ikea
Pots: Ikea
Desk: DIY Project (tutorial + plans coming soon)
Desk Chair: Ikea
Lamp on Desk: Pottery Barn
Mail Holder: World Market
Printer Stand: World Market
Cabinets: See DIY Project
Herringbone Countertop: See DIY Project
Lamp on Cabinets: Target
2-Level Tray: World Market
Hardware Bin Lazy Susan: World Market
Rug: Target

It feels like such an accomplishment to get another room completed (minus the floors) and checked off our list. I thought a new office would be way down the road so when this opportunity came up, I of course jumped all over the chance to give my workspace a much needed refresh. I work in this space eight hours a day so to have it just the way I like it, feels awesome and I swear increases my productivity by at least 85% (it would be 100% but I am rocking pregnancy brain right now).

I would have never thought the office would be the adjacent room to our home library and would be out in the open with no doors to hide behind, but the two rooms flow together nicely and makes it feel like I am working in a room double the size. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home office makeover! If you have any questions about any of the projects or items in this room, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Back Patio Makeover Room Tour

Back Patio Makeover

Check out our back patio makeover and how we gave it a much needed refresh for spring.

Back Patio Makeover

The time has come to reveal our back patio refresh! Yay! We have had all our awesome finds from At Home just sitting in the empty room that is soon to be the nursery and I have been dying to get them out where they belong for almost a month now! So we are thrilled to finally have this space finished and be able to share what we did.

We had these grand plans to have the entire backyard completed (new flower beds, a fire pit, etc.) by this point but as I am sure you may know, life sometimes gets in the way. What can you do? There is only so many hours in a day and so many weekends in a month. You can’t control the weather and let’s face it, sometimes you are so tired you just don’t feel like doing anything but sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching a marathon of a dumb reality show.

So we are just rolling the back patio overhaul out slowly one area at a time. But we have already made a huge leap forward with our back patio makeover by creating our lounge area.


Back Patio Makeover
In all the excitement of decorating this space I forgot to take a before picture at an angle facing back towards the greenbelt but the one from when we first moved into the house is close. Before, the patio was hardly a patio, it was just an empty and ugly slab of concrete. So much work needed to be done in this space.


Back Patio Makeover
We are absolutely in love with our back patio makeover and the completed lounge area. The colors pop so nicely and every single item we picked out goes so well together and is an integral part of the space. It was well worth the time we took at the store to make sure everything coordinated and worked well together.

For so long we had to look out our back windows at just an unattractive concrete slab and now this bright cheerful area really makes us happy every time we look out the window. It is so welcoming and cozy that we can’t wait to spend spring and summer nights under the string lights lounging on our comfy cushions and host backyard BBQs now that we can seat lots of friends and family.


First things first we did some work on the concrete slab. We filled in the huge gap in between the two slabs as well as some of the really large cracks where grass and weeds would frequently grow through. The previous owners had foundation work done and it did a number on the concrete around our home including the back patio where we have huge ugly patches left behind as reminders so we needed to find ways to disguise the unattractive areas of the concrete. Next, we power washed, stained and sealed the concrete to get rid of all the gross mildew and make it easier to clean when it does come back.

After our concrete was in better shape we started decorating the space with the items we picked out from At Home. We have said it a couple of times before but At Home is really the one stop shop for outdoor decor because they have such a wide variety of items in just about every color you can imagine and you can easily stay on budget. In case you missed it, you can read more about our At Home shopping trip and all the outdoor decor we picked out in more detail.

Back Patio Makeover
We first picked out the Azure cushions we liked from At Home and then built our outdoor sectional based on the dimensions of the cushions so we would be 100% sure they would fit. The size of the cushions also helped us determine the number of pillows we needed. We will share more details about how we built this awesome sectional for under $100 in the coming weeks. The cushions and pillows make this seating area so comfy and cozy.

Back Patio Makeover
We built the coffee table to match our outdoor sectional and it was the perfect place to put these super cool lanterns that were our splurge items (they were not very expensive, they just were not on our initial list) during our shopping trip. They hold candles so they can add a little mood lighting at night.

Back Patio Makeover
Can we talk about how awesome this umbrella is? It is functional, covers almost the entire sectional providing much needed shade during the day, and really helps define the space. And it was only $80. Boom.

Back Patio Makeover
We love the color and pattern of this rug and how it contrasts with the new color of our concrete. It is so bright and cheerful and just invites you to kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Bonus, the large rug covers a huge nasty crack in the concrete slab easily helping to disguise the faults in the concrete.

Back Patio Makeover
These blue chairs will eventually go around our outdoor table that we plan on building but for now we added them to the lounge area to provide extra seating. They are really comfy and we like that the mesh fabric will allow them to dry out with all this rain we are getting here in Houston.

Back Patio Makeover
I love relaxing in our new lounge area. We are so happy with all of our choices and how everything came together to really give this space a much needed refresh.

Check out how we built our DIY outdoor sectional for under $100!

Back Patio Makeover
So what do you think? I know there isn’t much to compare it to since we literally started with a blank space but we are really proud of our back patio makeover and just the overall tone it sets in our backyard. Its funny, adding just a few bright outdoor decor pieces can make a huge difference in a space and make it much more enjoyable and welcoming.

If your backyard is in need of a little refresh, we hope this gives you a few ideas for your back patio makeover and the confidence that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create your perfect outdoor oasis. For more awesome outdoor living inspiration, be sure to check out HGTV’s Spring House for lots more spring refresh ideas!

Tell Us: What is your favorite outdoor decor item to transform a space?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of At Home. The opinions and text are all mine.

Guest Room Makeover Room Tour

Guest Room Makeover

Guest Room Makeover

I am so excited to share what Brent and I have been up to that past two weeks, a guest room makeover! First, because this is the first room we have completely finished in our house. Secondly, because we have been trying to keep it a secret so we could surprise our first guests who would be staying in the new room (Brent’s parents) when they came to Houston last week. Finally, because that means we get to share our first room tour!

The timing for this room makeover came about because this room was quickly starting to look like a storage unit that might be auctioned off on Storage Wars. All the random stuff we moved out of the room next door to work on our home gym was scattered all over the room and if there was ever an object that didn’t have a place in the house, it most likely wound up on the floor of the “guest room”.

Guest Room Makeover

Above is a photo of what the room looked like before we moved in, really plain, outdated light fixture, old beige paint on the wall, etc. I just realized I never actually took of a photo of what the room looked like once we moved in but it wasn’t much to look at.

The guest room already had a mismatch of furniture from my apartment before we got married that didn’t have a place anywhere else in our home which didn’t make the space feel put together at all but slowly over time it got a bit out of control with what we were storing in there. We were really taking a risk that a guest wouldn’t just pop in at the last minute needing a place to stay because otherwise they might have been out of luck.

Time and time again I have learned in our home that if a space or room doesn’t have a purpose than it will create it’s own by holding a bunch of junk. And even though the guest room was supposed to have a purpose, the lack of organization in that room made it difficult to comprehend that purpose and thus, keep it neat and tidy.

Brent’s parents will be visiting us more often these next few months, so I got it in my head that I didn’t just want to clean the space up but I wanted to really take the time to transform it into a guest room that was charming, cohesive, cozy, and comfortable for our guests. So Brent and I got to work.

Tour Our Guest Room Makeover

In this video we will take you on a tour of our newly made over guest bedroom! For our guest room makeover we were going for a subtle tropical theme. We used neutral colors on the walls and for the furniture and brought in bright pops of green in the accent pieces and decor.

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Our 5 Ways to Create a Comfortable Guest Room

1. Welcome Box/Basket for Guests

Guest Room Makeover

When guests first walk into the room we want them to feel welcomed! Brent created a custom welcome sign for us to hang above our crate display that turned our great. If these crates look familiar that is because they are the same ones I used for our fall crate display. They matched perfectly with the room and we didn’t have to spend money on a storage piece or shelving for this corner.

Because I wanted to have the guest room and guest bathroom flow together with the same style, I was super pumped when I was able to find a larger version of the same wood vase at Target that I already had in the guest bathroom. I also used the same faux plants so it would tie in together nicely.

Guest Room Makeover

I found this vintage style suitcase at HomeGoods and immediately bought it before I knew what I was going to do with it because you know, I am obsessed with vintage suitcases. That is a rare occurrence for me because I usually never buy anything on a whim but as it turned out it works perfectly as a unique box to fill welcome items for our guests.

In the box we store water bottles, snacks, chocolates, a guest book, the remote for the TV so it is easy to find and the WI-FI password. I made the little WI-FI sign and then displayed it on the metal photo holder that we got at Magnolia Market a few weeks back.

Guest Room Makeover
I also found this basket at HomeGoods and thought it made a great basket to store magazine and books for guests to read. I made and attached the little tag to the basket to draw guests attention to where they can find reading material.

2. Extra Seating

Guest Room Makeover

We didn’t really have any seating in the guest room before so I wanted to created a seating area where guests could sit down to put on their shoes or relax and read a magazine. So we created this cute little corner. We kept our yarn and branch hanging in this room, just moved it over to this corner. It works perfectly because the branch brings in the natural element and the colors pop against the neutral chair.

Guest Room Makeover

I also bought this really soft blanket (my weakness) at Target. I love the color and by draping it over the chair, it is easily accessible for guests to grab and cozy up in case they get cold.

3. Open Shelving Nightstands

Guest Room Makeover

We really like the idea of showing guests everything they have available to them out in the open when it comes to our guest room and bathroom. That is why we chose to go with open shelving for the nightstands. Plus, they allow us to display more items. We got these stands second hand from my mom (thanks mom!) but they originally came from Kohls. I like them because guests don’t have to feel awkward about opening any drawers.

On one side we have tissues and these old library books my grandmother gave my mom and then my mom gave me that were overdue in 1978 (but in the perfect color palette I might add) that are now decor pieces and on the other side we have a USB port for guests to plug in all their electronic devices in one central spot so they don’t have to hunt and fight over plugs. We also have our DIY tiered stand for guests to store jewelry or smaller items so they won’t forget them when they leave.

Guest Room Makeover

We really splurged in this room. We got two matching lamps! Ha. We have never had matching lamps in a room before so this really felt like this room was legit. I love these white and wood lamps I got from Target. Target is really stepping up their lamp game.

4. A Cozy Bed

Guest Room Makeover

My inspiration for this guest room makeover was this duvet cover I purchased from West Elm two years ago before we even moved into this house. I love the green-blue colors since the majority of our house is neutral and I like that it has a subtle tropical vibe. You see, Brent is not big on themed rooms but I, I grew up in a jungle room. We are talking oversized stuffed animal tigers, leopard print comforter and fake vines and twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling. I was all about the themed room growing up.

Obviously, we had to give and take a little and I think this room turned out to be a good compromise of a tasteful room with tropical elements (see what I did there Brent, I didn’t say it had a theme).

Guest Room Makeover

I really wanted a headboard in this room. A cozy bed just doesn’t feel complete without a nice looking headboard and Brent knocked it out of the park with this one he built based on one we liked from West Elm for a fraction of the cost. I would like to add I did contribute by staining the entire thing, which was a job for sure but this one was all Brent’s brilliant mind making it come together. Check out our full tutorial on how we built this headboard.

While out shopping I stumbled upon this fun furry pillow that was a great addition to the bed because the texture added a nice contrast against the headboard. It was the right color and I was so excited to show Brent but all he could say was it looked like it was made from the fur of Sully from Monster Inc. Oh… Brent. At least he didn’t say he hated it. So I am counting that as a win.

5. Mirrors

Guest Room Makeover

One thing I found I appreciated about other guest rooms I have stayed in is when there is a mirror in the room. That way if another guest is in the bathroom, you can still brush your hair, put on your make-up, etc.

A last minute addition to the room were these geometric mirrors that Brent custom made. They are like a two for one because the room now has a mirror, well many mirrors, but with the shape and pattern they also act as wall art for what was an empty wall.

Guest Room Makeover

We also painted the walls, put a bench at the foot of the bed, hung new drapes, added a new TV on a wall mount we built, and replaced the old light fixture with a new ceiling fan.

Guest Room Makeover

Walls: Utterly Beige from Sherwin Williams
Headboard: DIY Project
Duvet Cover: West Elm
Chair: Target
Outside Curtains: Target
Inner Curtains: Target (old)
TV Wall Mount: DIY Project
Bench: Target
Nightstands: Donated by my mom
Table Lamps: Target
Blanket on Chair: Target
Suitcase: HomeGoods
Wooden Crates: DIY Project
Fuzzy Pillow: Target
Magazine Basket: HomeGoods
Wood Vase: Target
Welcome Sign: custom made by Brent
Geometric Mirrors: custom made by Brent
Plant in Concrete Planter HomeGoods
Branch & Yarn Hanging: DIY Project

Guest Room Makeover

We love how this room turned out and hope our guests find their stay here comfortable and cozy. My anxiety about this room being a disaster is gone and now I really wish this was my room. The guest room makeover was a really fun project to work on with Brent and forced us to fill up a car of unwanted stuff to take to donate because there is no where else we have left to move the junk to.

Brent’s parents arrived late Tuesday night last week and we just about missed their reaction to the surprise because we were in our bedroom when they arrived. I knew I should have had a large picture of what the room looked like before printed on canvas so I could hang it in front of the door to do a Fixer Upper style reveal. Dang. But they loved it and we are so glad we took the time to focus on this project and make it a nice space for our guests to enjoy.