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As you may have noticed it was quiet on the blog last week as we tried to catch up on everything after being gone the week before last (mostly work and mounds of laundry). I am sure everyone can relate that as wonderful as it is to take a relaxing, week long, work-free vacation, coming back can be a bit of a challenge, to put it nicely.

DIY home renovation blog Gray House Studio
^^^ But…. a week of this was definitely worth it! I would go back in a heart beat.

There are only 24 hours in a day and Brent & I need AT LEAST 10 of those to sleep in order to feel productive the next day. No matter how hard we try, we’re just not the high-energy type. Some people are morning people, some people are night owls, and as for me I find I am most productive from 11:00am to 1:00pm and that is usually because I spend the majority of time in that narrow window eating lunch.

Anyway, needless to say we weren’t able to work on or share any DIY projects last week. But that doesn’t mean it was an uneventful week for Gray House Studio. We have lots of exciting news to share!

#1] Our Custom Shaped Doormat Tutorial was Featured in DIY Lifestyle Magazine.

Planning our Breakfast Nook Makeover Mood Board

DIY Lifestyle Magazine is a digital lifestyle magazine and website for DIYers by DIYers with lots of great inspiration. The August 2015 issue is live and we are super pumped that our custom shaped doormat DIY project tutorial has been featured in this month’s issue! The issue is now available in Google Play and Apple Newsstand. Because we were featured, our readers can download this issue for FREE! You can find the issue here. Then click on subscribe, then current subscribers, and enter diyaug15 to get the current issue for free.

#2] We Won the Porch & Maker Mood Board Contest.

Planning our Breakfast Nook Makeover Mood Board

We were so incredibly excited to find out this week that we won the Porch Maker Mood Board Contest we entered back in April. You may remember we submitted our coffee shop inspired breakfast nook makeover board. Thanks a million to all the judges, Porch and ATG Stores.

We now have a $1,000 gift card to spend at ATG Stores! Ah! At first we were completely overwhelmed because we have never had that much money to spend on a project before and we had no clue what direction we should go with it. There are so many possibilities! But after some late night deliberation and “dream big” discussions, we came up with an awesome room makeover idea that we think is going to be AMAZING but in true Gray House fashion, it might be a little out there. We will be sharing our plans for this room in a post very soon.

Another fun part of winning this contest is we get to give away a gift card to one of our readers! Yay! We will be announcing more details on how to enter in the coming weeks so stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe to updates in the right side bar if you are interested in being notified with the details of the contest are posted.

And While We Have You Here…

Planning our Breakfast Nook Makeover Mood Board

We made the leap and joined Periscope. We did our first “Scope” (I guess that is what it is called) this past Thursday. Any other “Scopers” (I might just be making this stuff up, I have no idea) out there? If you joined us last Thursday, thank you! If you missed it, no worries, we plan to make this a regular thing on Thursday nights at 8PM CST.

We will broadcast live a tour of a room or project; give you a behind the scenes look at our current project we are working on, and answer any DIY or blog questions you may have. Feel free to send your questions ahead of time and they could be a topic of our next Periscope broadcast! I’ll be honest, we aren’t entirely sure what we are doing yet with this platform but we think it will be a fun way to get know each other!

After you download the app you can find us @grayhousestudio and if you can’t make it to watch live you can always catch up within 24 hours by finding the link on our Twitter account. We will be uploading our broadcasts to our YouTube channel as well. Hope to see you there!


Whew, I wasn’t kidding; there was a lot to share because there is a lot to be happy about here at Gray House Studio. And with even more fun things on the horizon, we just want to express how thankful we are for everyone who takes the time to stop by our blog and read a post or two or all of them. It really makes us thrilled to be able to share and connect with all those out there who are passionate about DIY and home renovation.