Garage Shop Plans: Check out the new floor plan

Our garage is a makeshift woodworking shop when we can wade through the junk. Here are our garage shop plans. We can’t wait to legitimize the workshop.

Garage Shop Plans

We have been using our two-car garage as our workshop for the past two years but it is also the black hole that absorbs anything we own without a home base. Since the garage has no real organization system it’s easier to leave the lights off and toss objects into the garage than try to keep it clean. Often times it might take us 30 minutes to an hour to shove things around enough to work on a project.

Garage Shop Plans
If the clutter isn’t dangerous enough for you there is also several holes and lumps in the concrete slab that will either have you tripping or twisting your ankle. Beware intruders, holes make for a great boobytrap once filled with sawdust.

Garage Shop Plans
In our defense, we have never actually seen our garage clean. We moved into an empty house with a trashed garage.

Garage Shop Plans
It was the shell of a man cave complete with a dart hole silhouette on the wall, cigarette butts in the corner, a dilapidated punching bag on the ground, and untouched supplies from a honey-do-list in a pile. It feels like for the past year every week we put one heavy item in the trashcan in a feeble attempt to whittle down the pile of items that were donated with the house.

If there is one project we have been talking about the longest it would be the garage shop. When we make a list of projects the garage is always next on the list. But inevitably, something more pressing always comes up. First, we re-decorated the guest room so my parents would have somewhere nice to stay while she was in town for her cancer treatment. Then we found out Courtney was pregnant and needed to turn a room into a nursery. So, to free a room we moved Courtney’s office and built a desk, cabinet and wall art. Then, it was all hands on deck to prep the nursery before Connor was born. We even filmed about video back in March, the last time we thought we were starting the garage.


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Garage Shop Plans

Now that the nursery is finished it’s finally garage renovation time. Here is the updated plan.

Floor Plan

Garage Shop Plans
For the floors we are using Rust-Oleum’s ROCKSOLID Metallic Floor Coating in Gunmetal. One wall will be white brick and the other two walls will be painted gray with dark gray cabinets. One set of cabinets will be a miter saw station.

To help contain and organize leftover wood a lumber rack will be built in-front of the garage door we keep locked because it doesn’t have a motor. In the center of the room will be the table saw built into a large work surface with a built-in router table. The outfeed table attached to the back of the table saw will have holes in the top for easy clamp use. The holes will also allow the table to be used as a downdraft table when hooked up to a vacuum.

We can hardily contain our excitement to finally follow through with these garage shop plans, finally making it the workshop of our dreams. Of course, once the realization sets in that we have to empty the garage to get started I’m sure our level of excitement will drop a bit. At least for this post we can focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.