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Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock

A simple tutorial showing how to install a smart wireless door lock. Plus, we are sharing a few thoughts about getting our Security by Reliant smart home security system installed and an offer code for our readers. This post is sponsored by Reliant but as always all opinions and content are 100% our own.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock

A few posts back we shared what life was like without a smart home security system. Sure, most of our issues were first world problems but they drove us crazy nonetheless. That is why the day the Security by Reliant installation team showed up to our home it was like Christmas morning.

We were so excited to finally integrate several of their innovative products into our home to not only make life easier but to finally have the peace of mind that our home is now fully protected and monitored.

One perk of choosing Reliant to install all of your smart home products is that you don’t have to worry about setting up any of the equipment. The only piece of the puzzle we were in charge of was to install a smart wireless door lock.

To avoid having to pay a locksmith, we installed the wireless door lock ourselves. It is actually really easy. Follow along below as we show you how to install a smart wireless door lock yourself in just a few simple steps.

In this DIY tutorial we are using a Kwikset SmartCode touchpad electronic deadbolt lock (which comes in the advanced Security by Reliant package or can be added to the premium package). Before we installed the deadbolt lock, the security installer pre-paired it with our Security by Reliant system.

How to Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock

DIY Tutorial Video: Wireless Door Lock Install

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Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
Before we could install a smart wireless door lock, we needed to take off the old lock by removing the two screws next to the deadbolt and the two screws next to the thumbturn.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
To rekey a Kwikset lock, first we inserted the key that came with the lock and turned it 90 degrees clockwise. Then we inserted the smart key tool into the hole above the key and removed the key.

Next, we inserted our new key and turned the key half a turn counterclockwise. We pulled the key out and tested the original key to double check it no longer works.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
With the lock re-keyed the first thing we needed to install was the deadbolt. The cam slot should be in the center of the hole in the door.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
If it isn’t, you can adjust the length of the deadbolt by twisting it to make it longer or shorter.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
Then we attached the screws to either side of the deadbolt.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
Once installed, we tested the deadbolt by twisting the cam slot with a screwdriver.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
After inserting the cylinder into the keypad, we fed the wire through the housing ring. To do this we slid the wire under the deadbolt and passed the metal bar through the cam slot.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
Next, we slid the cable through the hole in the mounting plate and pushed the cable down the small hole in the mounting plate.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
Once the cable was in the small hole, we attached the plate with the two screws. Finally, we pluged the wire into the back of the thumbturn box and attached the mounting plate with two tiny screws.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
Before we inserted the batteries, we held down the lock button and kept it pressed while we inserted the batteries until the lock finished calibrating.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock
The best part about this smart lock is it connects with our smart home security system and can be controlled by the Reliant Connect App.

Smart Home Security System Installation Day

Installation day was exciting and a breeze. Whether you love technology or are a little on the hesitant side, the installation team does a great job of making you feel comfortable implementing a smart home security system into your home.

They took as much time as we needed to walk us through the features of each product, explain how they all connect and demonstrate using the Reliant Connect App and security panel to properly control all the equipment.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock

We had the following products installed in our home:

  • Security system (window and door sensor, motion detector, control panel)
  • Garage door opener
  • Smart plug
  • Smart bulb
  • 2 Indoor cameras
  • 1 Outdoor camera
  • Wireless door locks with keypad
  • Doorbell with camera

We are DIYers by nature and will do as much as we can ourselves around the house but sometimes it is nice to sit back and let the experts do their thing, especially when it comes to security. The friendly, hardworking and knowledgeable team that came to our home made getting our security system set up extremely easy on us.

Install a Smart Wireless Door Lock

We have been using our smart home security system for about a month now and LOVE it. Being able to turn on lights, open your front door, shut your garage door all from one app on your phone is as amazing as it sounds. Brent and I now compete to see who can log into the Reliant Connect App first and turn on the light or check the door bell camera.

Stay tuned because in the next few weeks we will share how we have integrated the system into our daily routine and what life is like now with a smart home security system. Spoiler Alert: life is much easier and our home is safer.

If you are interested in signing up for your own Security by Reliant package, use the offer code “STUDIO” and get your first month of service FREE!

  1. I think it’s interesting to watch and see how something as simple as a door lock has been transformed by technology. I think it’s great that you can add things like this to your home security system, and being able to control it all from a mobile device just blows my mind. I would think that re-keying a lock like that would be pretty simple too, because it would just be like changing a password on the computer. Thanks for the tip!

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