Neutral Pillow Round Up

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We had every intention of making this post a round up of our favorite colorful pillows and discussing how to use pillows to bring color into a neutral home. However, after window-shopping online and collecting nine pillows that we really liked, we realized that eight out of the nine pillows had no bright colors in them at all.

Oh well, at least we know we have a definite design style.

So change of plans, we will revisit colorful pillows another time. Today we are sharing our neutral pillow round up. This group of pillows may be lacking bright colors but they can still bring flair and personality to a space.

We have never had many decorative throw pillows in our home. I suppose that is because before we moved in to our current house we only had one couch and one chair. So we never had a need for more than two or three throw pillows. But as we are growing into our home and adding more seating to various rooms, we have been thinking more and more about incorporating throw pillows and choosing the right colors and styles to fit our décor.

Gray, tan, white and black pillows might not sound too exciting but just because the colors are neutral doesn’t mean the pillows have to be boring. We have found by choosing pillows with interesting textures, bold patterns, quirky graphics or witty or sentimental sayings, they can be just as effective at revealing our personal style as colorful pillows.

Another thing we keep in mind is pillows are meant to not only look good but feel nice as well. What good is a pillow if it is too uncomfortable to use? If you are choosing one that is a solid color, treat yourself with one or two that are soft, comfortable and luxurious.

I know you can’t tell through the computer screen, but #4 is the silkiest pillow I have ever felt. I couldn’t take my hand off of it because it just felt so incredibly smooth. Yes, I was that weird girl in Pier 1 who was stroking a pillow for so long that I am sure other shoppers around me started to feel uncomfortable. I would have taken a nap with it too on one of their couches, you know just to test it out, if that wasn’t frowned upon.

We are planning our own DIY pillow projects soon and collected these pillows as inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. We will most likely splurge on one or two of our favorites and then make a few of our own based on some of the characteristics of the pillows we like above.

Do you tend to decorate with bright colored pillows, neutral colored pillows or a mixture of both?