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Gray House Studio

The name for our blog, Gray House Studio, comes from the fact that our gray house serves as both our home and studio while we are in the process of transforming our cookie cutter home in the suburbs into our dream home one weekend project at a time.

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Get to Know Courtney and Brent Richardson of Gray House Studio Home Renovation Blog

Get to Know the team


We became friends in high school but went our separate ways for college. Five years later we reconnected over dinner and after a year of long distance dating, we got married. We work well together due to our similar sense of humor and design style. Our motto is to dream big, work hard but never take life too seriously.

BRENT is a maker, builder and craftsman. He can visualize exactly how to build something, sketch it up on paper, draw up plans and then construct it.

COURTNEY is a designer, writer and photographer. Her strength is visualizing the design of each project from the initial concept to the finishing touches and the documentation in between.

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Our Hope For this Blog

We started our blog to document our home renovation progress and now it has grown into a platform where we share our DIY projects as well as how-to tutorials and plans so others can make them as well. Our hope for the blog is to inspire and encourage others to build, make and create unique spaces in their home that they truly love. The process of dreaming up ideas for our home, bringing those ideas to life and then enjoying the spaces together is what we love most about Gray House Studio.

The journey to creating your perfect home and the memories that come along the way are what make DIY projects so fulfilling. The purpose of Gray House Studio and this blog is to share DIY renovation and décor projects to inspire others in their own unique home journey. Thanks for following along!