Have you ever had an idea and then that idea grew and grew in scale until all of a sudden you are planning on building a small coffee shop in your breakfast nook? No? Maybe that’s just us. There were two small problems we were facing in our kitchen/eating area that led us to start brainstorming a new and interesting idea for the space. We eventually came up with a solution that we are really exited about and can’t wait to get started working on, our cozy & eclectic café inspired breakfast nook makeover.

Planning our Breakfast Nook Makeover Mood Board

Problem #1: Unused Breakfast Nook
We really love to make unique choices when it comes to unused spaces in our home. And yes I am kind of embarrassed to admit that the breakfast nook is an unused area in our home and it’s not because we eat in our dining room because we turned that room into our library. No, it is because most nights we eat on the couch. (We don’t have kids yet to have to set an example of proper table manners at home.) The only time we ever sit in this area to eat is if we have company. The space is pretty empty at the moment and the seating is uncomfortable. It’s not a place we like to spend our time.

Problem #2: Not Enough Space for Coffee Supplies in Kitchen
We realized that the small area in the kitchen that we originally designated for our coffee machine and supplies was suddenly not big enough. We have slowly acquired a cappuccino machine, more mugs and our coffee syrup inventory is getting a little out of hand. (They just make so many delicious flavors!) There are a lot of coffee bar ideas floating around out there and they are beautifully styled. We thought a separate coffee bar could be a great plan.

But then we started thinking, instead of just building an extra cabinet for our coffee supplies, let’t go bigger! Why not transform the entire breakfast nook space into our very own small private cafe, one that is cozy and eclectic and a place where we would enjoy sitting and drinking our coffee weekend mornings or having dinner dates every night together.

After many hours spent on the internet looking at photos of the interior design elements featured in coffee shops (talk about eye candy) we finally narrowed down our ideas to ones that fit our style the best and would match the overall look we are going for in our home. We are even incorporating the same style of wood planks that are on the wall in our reading nook on the coffee bar. We created the mood board above to help set the tone, display our inspiration and collect some of the potential pieces we are interested into incorporating in the space.

I can’t even express in words how pumped I am about the future of this space. It seems to be our craziest idea yet but that is what I thought about the reading nook and the library shelves and now those are my favorite place and statement piece in our home. I can’t wait to decorate with all the bottles and jars I have already been collecting that will contribute to making this space “us”.

Be sure to check back often to follow along with our progress in this room. We have several projects we will be sharing that are part of the breakfast nook makeover over the next several weeks. This one is going to be a blast.

*We created our breakfast nook mood board with photos of coffee shops, as well as products we liked from ATGStores.com and home inspiration photos from Porch.com as part of the Maker Mood Board Contest with Porch & ATGStores.com. If you would like to participate and create your own Mood Board to enter, click here to learn more. Don’t forget to share yours on Instagram and Twitter with the #MMBC!

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UPDATE: We have completed our coffee bar in our breakfast nook based on this mood board. Check out the finished project: http://studiograyhouse.com/diy-coffee-bar/.