winter landscaping

You know that feeling you get once the Christmas lights come down and you start to notice your yard is looking a little bleak? We call it the winter landscaping blues. There are still two more winter months before spring approaches, which can leave you and your yard feeling a little sad. We know the feeling. Today we are sharing why we are so invested in our yard and our favorite plants to bring it back to life in the winter.

Is my grass dying or just hibernating?

Dead Grass Paranoia. It’s a real thing people and Brent’s got it. Bad. I can’t tell you how many times I will hear the car door shut in the early evening signaling Brent has arrived home from work but he does not come inside. So I go to the window to see where he is or what he is doing and it’s always the same sight. He is on his hands and knees (in his work pants) picking a rogue weed that caught his eye or analyzing blades of grass or looking to see if there are any signs of bugs that may be causing the grass to turn yellow.

tackling the winter landscaping blues

^^^ A common occurrence in the early evenings around here ^^^

I would like to note that this is the guy who had the same can of soda on the floorboard of his truck from our first date three and a half years ago all the way until we sold it two months ago and it never fazed him. Home owning changes a person. But I’m right there with him. We have quite a few reasons we want our grass to survive and thrive and the big one is because of something I like to call Sod Saturday. One Saturday this past spring we completely re-sodded our front yard. When we moved in the front yard was a nightmare and looked like it hadn’t been tended to in quite a while. The weeds had taken over. It was a lost cause. So we spent an entire day from sun up to sun down knee deep in mud laying six pallets worth of sod. Let’s just say it was a hard day’s work.

Sweat equity is the quickest way to be invested in your lawn’s wellbeing. Winter came as no surprise and we looked forward to having a few extra hours each Saturday not working on the yard. You expect to see the lawn change from a lush shade of green to a dull shade of brown for the winter but after months of nurturing the grass, it’s hard to cope with the inevitable. Now we are just biting our nails waiting to see if our new grass is just hibernating and will come back in the spring or is just plain dying.

Options when dealing with the winter landscaping blues

  1. The most obvious and counterproductive solution is to continue with the neurotic behavior by worrying about the health of our grass and surveying every door to door grass treatment solicitor with their opinion.
  2. We could ignore the lawn all together and embrace the fallen leaves that conveniently cover it in entirety.
  3. Focus on aspects of our yard that we can control by planting new plants in the flower bed that thrive in the winter.

We choose option three. So today we are sharing a few plants that we plan to incorporate into our flower beds during the winter to spruce up our yard. We selected these plants based on our mild Houston winter climate.

Here are the plants we are gearing up to add to our landscaping this winter

Plants (left to right): 1. Camellia | 2. Cyclamen | 3. Dusty Miller | 4. Ornamental Cabbage | 5. Pansy | 6. Snapdragon
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We choose the plants above based on the interesting shapes which will bring a dynamic look to our yard, the various shades of pinks, purples and greens should bring a pop of color to our flower beds and liven up our yard this winter and the fact that all of these plants thrive during the colder months. Just looking at those plants already makes us feel better. We can’t wait to get planting and kick our winter landscaping blues to the curb.