It Friday, time for another addition of Friday Faves! Today is all about wooden trays. We have rounded up nine of our favorite trays that we would like to purchase or use as inspiration to build our own.

Wooden Trays | Friday Faves

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There is nothing I like more than online window shopping on my lunch break. It’s easier than actual window shopping because you can avoid that awkward conversation with the salesperson when you walk into the store that carries furniture way out of your price range.

Salesperson: “Hi, can I help you find anything today?” (these people aren’t actually going to buy anything)
Me: “Oh, we are just looking around right now, thanks” (we have no plans of actually buy anything)

I mean the Restoration Hardware salespeople don’t expect us to actually buy something, right? I feel like it is pretty transparent that the only thing we can afford in the store is a drawer pull. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from creating fake conversation with Brent every time I feel someone lurking behind us.

“Oh, wouldn’t this $2,000 table look quite exquisite in our dining room. That’s a good idea Brent, take a photo of it so we can see how it will look in the room and then we will definitely come right back and purchase it.”

I’m not sure why I always mention the price and then try to throw out big words when I think salespeople are within ear shot. I think it is a nervous tick.

Although last time we were there getting ideas for what we could build ourselves, I mean shopping, I did spot a $40 hat hook that I came pretty close to buying. Wouldn’t it be fun if guests still needed a place to hang a hat when they came to visit? And now I am getting waaaaay off topic.

Back to the wooden trays, I would say wooden trays are one of the more popular DIY projects and I have been wanting to make one or two for our home for awhile now so I gathered up these beauties as inspiration so we could mix and match the style of a few different wooden trays to make our own custom ones. Or just go out and buy one should the occasion arise (we have money left over in our room budget).

I am liking the long reclaimed wood style like #6 with metal accents like #2 and then a triangle tray or a small square tray with legs could look really cute on the nightstand to hold my glasses, headphones and other odds and ends. The round tray could be nice on a smaller round dining table. I think I could find a spot to put a wooden tray in every room in our home!

Which tray is your favorite? And do you do anything silly when you are window shopping? Please share!