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DIY Coffee Bar

Check out how we designed and built our own DIY coffee bar for our breakfast nook.

DIY Coffee Bar

So much has happened and is in the process of happening around here at Gray House Studio that it is feeling a little overwhelming to keep up. We are having very special guests come visit us this Thursday and to say we are excited is an understatement but I will spare you all the exclamation points.

We will share our exciting news on Thursday over on Instagram and more details next week on the blog so stay tuned.

DIY Coffee Bar

Since we are having VIP guests come to our home, I threw out the idea of completing a project that I have been dreaming about a lot lately. I have had this vision of transforming our little unused breakfast nook into our very own exclusive coffee shop inspired space. Dream big, right?

You may have seen our ideas on the mood board we shared in the last post. Brent agreed we should go for it and thus began the whirlwind week that was last week. We completed a month’s worth of work in a matter of a week.

We designed, planned, built and decorated our very own DIY coffee bar and framed chalkboard from scratch in a matter of 6 nights and 2 days. It was INTENSE. We are talking 3AM building sessions, closing down hardware stores, power shopping trips and a lot of concrete mixing or fighting depending on your perspective.

I don’t think I would recommend it and I am not sure we will be doing that again anytime soon but when I step back and look at the end result, it makes every single second of that fast and furious process worth it.

We are very excited to share our latest project because we worked so incredibly hard on it and are so proud of how it turned out. Our coffee bar really did exceed our expectations. It is definitely one of our statement pieces that totally transformed that boring space into a fun, eclectic and inviting area.

DIY Coffee Bar
Just to give you a refresher, this is what the blank room looked like when we moved into our house.

DIY Coffee Bar
Here is how the room looks now with the new coffee bar and a few decor items to spruce up the table. We still plan on switching out the light fixture above the table as well as replacing the tile.

DIY Coffee Bar
There are so many details for this project and for time’s sake in writing and reading, we are breaking up this makeover into several posts. Today we are sharing the finished result and all the little decor items we pieced together to replicate a cozy coffee shop.

DIY Coffee Bar
DIY Coffee Bar
We used our same approach to creating a weathered wood plank look on the coffee bar as on our reading nook to tie the two rooms together. We felt that if the whole thing was wood, it might be a bit much so we designed the coffee bar to have metal legs and a concrete countertop and shelf.

We built the shelf in the middle to create an asymmetrical design and add interest to the piece. I saw these bottles at Ikea and instantly thought they would be perfect for holding coffee beans.

At the last minute Brent came up with the idea to add lights under the top of the counter to light up the bottles and plants. I think it creates a strong visual and adds an extra special touch.

DIY Coffee Bar
On the other side of the shelf is a storage area to hide extra coffee supplies and mugs.

DIY Coffee Bar
DIY Coffee Bar
Target sells the cutest little pack of “to-go” coffee cups, lids and sleeves. It was a total score to find these all packaged together in a small quantity and not to have to buy 2,000 of them at one time since we only plan on using these when we have guests. For a fun touch we stamped our logo on the sleeves.

DIY Coffee Bar
DIY Coffee Bar
I found these oil and vinegar bottles on the clearance rack at Pier 1 and thought they would be ideal as a creative way to store our syrups.

Plus, they already have chalkboard labels on them. We were pumped when we found the smaller containers at Target because they look like mini versions of the bottles with the coffee beans.

I love the cute little wooden spoons. We added chalkboard labels so they would match all the other bottles and jars.

DIY Coffee Bar
No coffee shop would be complete without muffins! I wish this was a magic muffin stand where muffins just instantly appeared here in the mornings. Since I am pretty sure that does not exist, muffins probably won’t frequently be on our coffee bar unless we are having guests.

DIY Coffee Bar
We ended up keeping our table for now and added a rug to define the space. Also, because most nights it is just the two of us here, we took away our other two chairs that made the area feel crowded.

We have them stored close by so we can pull them out when we have guests but for everyday use I like the look of only two chairs. It feels more cozy that way. We added seat cushions to make them a bit more comfy.

DIY Coffee Bar
DIY Coffee Bar
Brent is the best barista at the Gray House Studio coffee shop. He will whip you a delicious cappuccino. However, he is still in training for latte art.

He has mastered the “cirrus cloud” (which basically is a bunch of wispy lines and not really any shape at all) and is now working on more recognizable things like a heart.

DIY Coffee Bar
Who needs Starbucks when you can make your own cup of coffee at Gray House! Ha. Now that we have built the reading nook, industrial shelves and our coffee bar (which is a merger of the styles of the two previous projects) I am starting to think it is my goal to live in a coffee shop.

But hey, what’s so wrong with that? Also, I am pretty sure I will now invite every single family member, friend, neighbor and delivery person to “stop by” our coffee bar. “Oh hey, UPS driver, would you like a cup of Gray House Studio coffee? I put the K-Cup in the machine myself.”

DIY Coffee Bar

Every morning when we wake up and walk out of our bedroom we are greeted by this fun piece. I love everything about this project from the construction of the base to the memories of creating the countertop, the late night shopping trips, gathering all the little detail pieces and even drawing on the chalkboard for six hours straight until I couldn’t feel my arm anymore.

This project is one of our favorites for sure. We still have a lot more to share. In the next post we will be walking through the steps of how we built the base of the coffee bar and in the coming weeks will show our process for creating the concrete countertop as well as the framed chalkboard.

All this talk about coffee is really making me want a muffin. If you need us, you know where we’ll be.

Check out how we built the base of the coffee bar, made the concrete countertop, made the DIY framed chalkboard and download free DIY coffee bar plans to build your own.


DIY Coffee Bar

  1. I would like a Coffee with Hazelnut, please! Mom would like a hot chocolate. Is that legal at you coffee bar?

  2. This is so freakin cool. Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration. I am sure mine will not come out as lovely but I am going to cluelessly give it a try!

    • We made a form to pour Quikcrete concrete in by screwing 3/4″ Melamine coated particle boards together. To create a smooth edge on the concrete countertop we caulked the inside edges of the form with a silicone caulk. We will have a post coming soon with all the details.

  3. My husband and I were wanting to make something like this. Do you have a list of what is needed for wood and the cuts needed to be made?

    • Hi Danielle! We have not put together plans for this project yet because we built it on the fly to fit the dimensions of our kitchen. It is exciting to see how many people are interested in adapting this project to fit their space and we are working hard to make plans for future furniture projects. We have added to our to-do-list to make official plans for the coffee bar. Thanks for your interest.
      -Courtney & Brent

  4. Hi GrayHouseStudio!

    I emailed you regarding the coffee bar plans. Not realizing I can send a message here. Have you had the chance to draw out the plans/dimensions for the coffee bar? Thanks!

  5. What a wonderful idea. I’m feeling so inspired and plan on creating my very own coffee bar area. So glad I stumbled onto your site. Definitely going to keep up with your blog…..

  6. Absolutely LOVE this – great design inviting us to sit down and enjoy a cuppa. Functional, fun, and witty. Wow! Look forward to more posts from you. Thank you for your generosity.

  7. Would love to do something like this in our new house that we are building, But about half the size! Love it thanks for sharing!!!

  8. I cannot describe how much I loved this idea, I am planning to do a coffee corner in my mother’s house, and I found this to be such an inspiration for me, I already ordered the small jars 🙂 . I recently opened my new blog and for sure when I am done with the coffee corner I will post the results.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Kayla! We estimate the cost of the completed coffee bar to be about $500. This includes all the consumable supplies for the concrete casting and extra add-ons like the under mount lights.

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