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Industrial Home Office Organization

We’re sharing our favorite industrial home office organization pieces that not only help control clutter but look cool too! This post is sponsored by World Market but as always all opinions and content are 100% our own.

Industrial Home Office Organization

Exciting news! We are over on the World Market blog sharing our seven must-have industrial home office organization pieces that are currently in our office being put to good use. Plus, a few simple tips for keeping your home office organized! Bonus, there is a video showing how we use each of our favorite items. Be sure to stop by the World Market blog and check it out.

I don’t know about you but our home office was the room in our home that seemed to collect the most clutter. Whether you spend long days working in a home office like I do or it just gets occasional use during the nights and weekends, controlling all the paper and supplies that stack up in and around the office can be an overwhelming task. I mean, where does all that stuff come from? Am I right?

A few months ago we had to move our office from a room with doors to the front room in our home without doors and I went into a bit of a panic mode. How in the world was I going to keep all my office supplies (and boy do I LOVE office supplies), paperwork and incoming and outgoing mail neat and organized so I wouldn’t be completely embarrassed if someone stopped by unexpectedly to visit?

Industrial Home Office Organization

When I first started planning our home office I knew I needed to incorporate a few essential home office organization pieces to help get the job done. My favorite pieces came from World Market because not only were they practical and functional but also looked like cool vintage industrial decor pieces as well which fit the style of the room perfectly.

Now that our home office makeover is complete I am thrilled with how nicely everything is organized. It is always so much easier to keep things straightened when things have a specific spot to go back to and when everyone in the house knows exactly where things need to go. Plus, since all the organization pieces we picked out pretty much double as decor pieces we killed two birds with one stone and didn’t have to spend a lot extra to decorate the room. Win!

Stop by the World Market blog where we are sharing our 7 must-have items for an organized industrial home office, complete with organization tips for controlling clutter!

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