We are ready to start planning a boy nursery! Today we are sharing our ideas for a modern outdoor nursery.

Planning a Boy Nursery

The time has come to start thinking about designing our baby boy’s nursery! Just the process of cleaning out the room that will be our nursery involved a lot of projects but I got my awesome industrial office out of it so I am not complaining. Although, empty rooms in our home have a habit of collecting items that don’t belong in them so I am guarding this room and making a conscious effort that only items intended for the nursery make their way into that room.

With around 13 weeks to go, it’s probably about time we start shifting our focus to the nursery since we have quite a few DIY projects planned for this room. Brent and I were already on the same page when it came to how we envisioned the design of the room and we are really excited to start actually working on it now.

Before we knew the gender we knew we wanted to work in outdoor elements. When we found out we are having a boy, we both wanted to do a camping style nursery. After a lot of browsing on Pinterest I realized there are a lot of outdoor, camping, adventure styled nurseries out there. But in staying true to our Gray House Studio style, we want to keep it pretty simple. We already have the walls painted Dovetail Gray and really like the color so we wanted to keep it. So my challenge was how to put together an outdoor room with grays.

We finally nailed down our ideas which include a chalkboard wall, replacing the floors, a huge DIY shelving display with a seat and much more. I am so excited to start working on this room now that I have a clear direction, a modern outdoor boy nursery. It should be really fun! Below are some of the items that we would like to incorporate or we are using as inspiration for our nursery design.

CHAIR | Baxton Studio Rocking Chair from Wayfair
I was not aware of just how expensive nursery rocking chairs can be. Yikes! I have my mind set on a chair with an actual rocking base but I guess my taste far exceeds our actual budget so it took a lot of searching to find one that we like the design, is comfortable (which is probably the most important) and fits in our budget. Ultimately, we decided on this wingback rocking chair and I can’t wait to see it in the room.

RUG | Jungle Sheep Skin White Rug from Overstock
We are saying “see ya later” to the carpet in this room and replacing it with either wood or laminate flooring. A big, soft, fluffy rug is on my wish list for this space. I want a comfy spot to spread out and play or let’s be real, a great backdrop for a billion photo opportunities.

PILLOW | Adventure Awaits Throw Pillow Cover from Society6
I love this pillow cover! It is simple, yet fits the vision of the room perfectly.

ART | Woodland Nursery Animals Art from Etsy
The positive thing about woodland themed nurseries being popular is there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to decor. This woodland art is my favorite. I like the neutral background and the animals are so dang cute.

CRIB | Babyletto Hudson Convertible Crib from Target
The crib was the first piece we decided on for the nursery. We like the modern appearance and the gray and white combination.

TABLE | Natural Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm
This stump table, this is one of those pieces I keep telling Brent that I HAVE TO HAVE. Like, it is not up for debate. I will have a tree stump side table and that is that. Due to the price tag being higher than we would like to spend, for this one we are going DIY over buy.

NIGHT LIGHT | Campsite Night Light from The Land of Nod
I’m a fan of this cute little nightlight.

STUFFED ANIMAL | Corduroy Fox from The Land of Nod
How cute is this little fox? I love that he is made of corduroy. We will incorporate woodland creatures here and there throughout the room and I like how the fox decor bring a pop of bright color to the room.

SHELF | Teepee Shelf from Etsy
We have built several shelving projects in the past so I am adding teepee shelf to our to build list. I would love to make a few of these to hang around the room to display a few odds and ends.

There you have it, our plans for a modern outdoor boy nursery. The ideas are flowing now and I can’t stop thinking about working on this space. It is especially hard to concentrate because as I sit in my office and work I directly face the empty nursery and I swear it is calling to me to come decorate. The force is strong due to the combination of me always getting excited to start a new room design and that nesting instinct kicking in.

Stay tuned for lots of boy nursery projects coming your way soon!

*To see more of our boy nursery ideas, follow along on our Nursery Board on Pinterest.