We’re sharing all of our plans for our son’s spaceship themed playroom!

Planning a Playroom

It is time to shake things up at Gray House Studio! As we always say, our home is a work in progress and we are always redefining the function of the rooms in our home to fit our stage of life and the current needs of our family.

So we must now bid a fond adieu to the tropical guest room and prepare to convert the space into a playroom for the little Gray House intern!

Currently our son is into testing his physical limits and putting EVERYTHING he comes in contact with in his mouth so I spend just about every moment when he isn’t eating or sleeping, following him around making sure he is safe.

Seriously, if you combine my energy with Brent’s energy and multiply that by 10, it still isn’t as much energy as is stored up in our son’s tiny little body.

A few weekends ago Brent and I were laying on the couch. We were exhausted from chasing our very active and determined little guy around all weekend. I mentioned to Brent that afternoon that it would be helpful to have a designated play space. He agreed and boom within the next few hours we had everything out of the guest room besides the mattress and a toy box. There was no turning back.

We enjoyed designing and working on the modern outdoor nursery so much that the idea of designing projects for a playroom made us excited and got our creative juices flowing again!

Planning a Playroom / Spaceship Theme

So let’s get to our plans for the playroom. We are designing his playroom to look like the inside of a spaceship! Connor doesn’t understand right now but the two adults in the family are pretty pumped about it.

Our first task is to repaint the walls in the room. Have you ever see a beige spaceship? Us neither. Which means bye bye Utterly Beige walls and hello fresh coat of light gray paint (Repose Gray SW7015).

The room will be broken up into 4 “zones” on the outside walls. We will leave the middle of the room open.


The first area of the playroom will be an art area. It will be in the little inset of the room. We realize he will have to get a little older before he can use and appreciate this spot but we will have it set up for when he is ready to start flexing his creative muscles.

Planning a Playroom

– Floor to Ceiling Magnetic Chalkboard Wall
– Frames for Artwork on Magnetic Chalkboard Wall
– Interchangeable Stations on Magnetic Chalkboard Wall (paper roll, ball run, etc.)
– Wall-Mounted Fold Down Standing Desk (for me because baby loves to grab her shiny laptop)
– Shelving for Art Supplies


The large wall in the playroom will be where he can exert all the oodles of energy he has stored up. The large wall in this room will also be our focal wall where Brent is going to create a spectacular space mural.

Planning a Playroom

– Focal Wall – Space Scene + Faux Window
– Stairs and Slide into a Ball Pit
– Command Center (Busy Board Base + Interchangeable Busy Board Tops)
– TV Built into Command Center
– Mirrors
– Book Storage
– Pneumatic Tube System


Since we are getting rid of a place for our guests, we still need a bed for them to sleep on when they come to visit so our solution is to build a Murphy Bed in this room. But that by itself would be boring so instead we plan on creating a Murphy Bed / Rock Climbing Wall combo. Brent loves rock climbing and I think he hopes that someday it can be a fun past time share by the whole family.

Planning a Playroom

– Murphy Bed / Rock Wall


Finally, a spaceship wouldn’t be complete without a compartment to store all of your equipment (toys). We will build extra shelving in the closet to store and organize toys, books, blankets, etc.

Planning a Playroom

– Extra Shelving for Toy Storage

While having a guest room was really nice, at this point in our life, we decided an extra space that can act as a safe zone for him to climb, crawl, explore and learn is just what we need for our active little boy.

Planning this room has been a fun challenge that has had us scratching our heads at times but we love that there are really no rules for a playroom in terms of design. It can be whatever we dream up!

We designed the space to have elements that he can enjoy now, that he can grow into and hopefully that he will be interested in for quite awhile. We can’t wait to dive in and start some DIY projects for the playroom! Stay tuned!